Jen Formanek
Owner and Head Coach, Gym Director
Jen has a total of 16 years experience coaching cheerleading at multiple levels and ages. She is passionate about cheer, not only for her love of the sport but because of the life lessons it instills in each of the athletes. She started Freedom Allstar Cheer in 2021 to help athletes in the Southern Tier reach their full potential. She is credentialed in Levels 1, 2 and 3 stunting and tumbling for All Star Cheer through USASF.
Brandon Bishop
Assistant Gym Director, Tumbling Director, Allstar Cheer Coach 
Brandon has many years experience as a tumbling coach in North Carolina where our owner Jen is originally from as well. While she was the manager at an all star gym there, Brandon worked as a tumbling coach and summer camp staff as well as working with allstar teams and school teams to help them reach their full potential. He is an amazing teacher and has a way of reaching each athlete based on their goals and mindset. He is passionate about his craft and perfecting his own skills which makes him an asset and leader in this industry. We are blessed to have a tumbling coach with his knowledge of the sport. He is also an assistant coach for all 5 of our teams this season. He had the opportunity last year to attend NCA Nationals and The Cheerleading Worlds with Core Athletics before they made the transition to Stingrays NY. He is hoping to continue his legacy as an athlete and a coach this season. 
Leah Chamberlain
Allstar Cheer Coach.
Leah has been coaching for many years and has time as a CYO coach at which time she coached some of our Freedom Athletes at their early beginnings in cheer. She is excited to be in the gym working in any capacity and we are thankful to have her. She has been a great addition to our staff this season and she is eager to get to work on her credentials this summer! She is the assistant coach for Dreamers this season and she helps out as needed with Force and Amethyst.